Caloree is an integrated manufacturer of Steel Panel Radiators and Steel Towel Driers.

Caloree was established in 2005 for the purpose of manufacturing and exporting of HVAC products. The Company has started its production with Steel Panel Radiators. In course of time, having several years of experience, it has begun to produce Towel Driers. Step by step, adapting new technologies Caloree has reached the most extensive product range in the sector. We have completed all our R & D studies in order to launch the Wall hang boiler production as soon as possible.

Steel Panel Radiator factory is set up at 24,000 m2 area and has annual production capacity of 2 millions meters. With its professional staff and high technology Caloree offers its customers high end products tested at each stage of production for the achievement of best possible quality. Due to state of art technology used in Panel Radiator production Caloree offers its customers 10 years product warranty, thus exporting its products worldwide.

Caloree Steel Towel Drier Factory is set up at the area of 50.000 m2, 16.000 m2 of it being the closed area. In Towel Drier facility Caloree produces its own raw material, pipes and tubes, which are later utilized in production of 500.000 towel driers per annum. Applying systemathic educational classes to its professional staff , Caloree improves its production abiltity by regular improvements in production technology and methodology.

Constantly expanding its product range, Caloree R&D division is able to fastly design and manufacture customized new models demanded by its partners. Using advanced product tracing authomation, Caloree delivers its products at the highest pace with with lowest costs.

Exporting all its production worldwide, Caloree aims market export leadership by constant investments in its production and sales.


our facts

  • 52 Happy customers
  • 48 export countries
  • 17213 successfull loadings
  • 15 years of experience