Steel Panel Radiators

Steel Panel Radiators

  • Wide Product Range
    With fully automatic production lines, Caloree offers Steel Panel Radiators with 6 different height choices (300, 400, 500, 600, 750, 900 mm), 28 different length choices from 300 mm up to 3000 mm (increasing with 100 mm intervals) and 7 different models (Type 10, Type 11, Type 20, Type 21, Type 22, Type 30, Type 33). This product variety helps Caloree to meet distinctive demands of different regional markets.


    Long Warranty Period
    Caloree Steel Panel Radiators are manufactured according to EN 442 norms using the newest radiator production technology available in EU. Thus, Caloree is able to offer 10 year operation warranty to its radiators.


    Aesthetic Design
    Caloree Steel Panel Radiators are designed to have high heating capacity, pressure endurance by means of computerize simulated analysis and design methods, obtained together with German heating science institute HLK Stuttgart.


    Flat Surface Radiators
    Caloree Offers horizontal and vertical flat surface radiators with Elegant and De Lux surface options.


    Durable and Safe
    With 13 bar test and 10 bar operating pressure Caloree Steel Panel Radiators are mechanically safe and durable.


    High Heating Efficiency
    Wide convector area and optimum pitch width in Caloree Steel Panel Radiators enable products to secure efficient and high heat emission.


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