• Safety and Environment

    In addition to our state of the art production technology, Caloree is highly sensitive to occupational safety, health and the environment. We are aware of the fact that the environment is a global issue. We act with the approach of protecting nature and ecological system in all business processes from production to distribution, from installation to usage.

  • Traceability

    Each manufactured Caloree product is uniquely marked from inner side according to its production date, production line number and batch number. In this way, even over the years, we can determine production date, production line and quality controller staff of each Caloree product. A possible defect can be traced back from the end user's home until the production site.

  • Technology

    With our fully automatic welding lines we use the state of the art technology production methods. We are aware that the best product will come with the latest technology. Increasing the share of robotics in our production year after year guarantees the perfect product supply. Caloree products which are painted with nano-dye technology, are resistant to rust and corrosion with their photocatalytic properties.

  • CRM

    Since the beginning, Caloree has made customer relations management the company's priority and works with 100% customer satisfaction principle. Loyalty, mutual goodwill and continuity in customer relations have formed a network of business partners spread over many years. Fast delivery, careful loading, rapid document flow and steady communication are the guarantee of this cooperation.


our facts

  • 52 Happy customers
  • 48 export countries
  • 17213 successfull loadings
  • 15 years of experience