Chrome Coating

Electrolisys coating technology is used in Caloree Steel Towel Drier chrome plating process. The main principle in this technology is using the product to be coated as cathode and the substance that will coat the product filled in plating pool as anode.

Clean product surface is the main factor in attaining durable coating on product metal surface in chrome coating prosedure. This is why chrome coating process of Caloree Towel Driers starts with polishing prosedure. Polishing applied at pipes results in ideal brightness and surface smoothness of value lower than 0.20 Mikro Ra. Profiles, passing thought 8 different stages of polishing, achieve ideal brightness and surface smoothness of value lower than 0.10 Mikro Ra.

Mechanical acidic degreasing is applied to products for wax and oil waste cleaning. After rinsing the product passes through mechanical basic and electrical degreasing. The product is rinsed again and coated with primary matt nickel. Then the product goes through chemical oxide removal process and rinsed for the third time. Later, copper coating and bright nickel coating is applied to product and the product is being rinsed after each stage. Finally products go through chrom activation process which is also known as smoothing and become ready for chrome coating. After chrome coating stage the products go through final rinsing, tested and dried.

Chrome coating makes towel driers visiually more attractive and stylish. It also increases the durability of towel driers against corrosion, wearing and tearing.