Stages of Production

Burr-Free Pipe Cutting: During production, burr-free pipe cutting machine prevents formation of aesthetical defects in the form of steel burr. Thus, the risk of sawdust remain in the later stages of production is eliminated.

CNC Profile Cutting: At this stage of production, profiles are cut using CNC controlled profile-cutting machine. This machine allows cuts with precision of 1/10 of a millimeter and has very high production capacity.

CNC Boring: At this stage of production the profiles are bored with specific diameter and at specific intervals. Precision positioning feature of this machine allows sensitive boring with precision of 1/10 millimeter in terms of diemeters and intervals according to consumer demand.

Pipe End Shirring: At this stage, pipe end shirring machine performs precision tube calibration before passing to grouping.

Pipe Polishing: Polishing applied at pipes results in ideal brightness and surface smoothness of value lower than 0.20 Mikro Ra. The polishing machine used in our production is procured from German technology provider, Löser.

Profile Polishing: Profiles, passing thought 8 different stages of polishing, achieve ideal brightness and surface smoothness of value lower than 0.10 Mikro Ra.

Grouping: At this stage, before furnace welding process, pipes and profiles are mechanically attached to one another. This attachment provides almost zero defect furnace welding, thus achieving better leakproofing in comparison to products with manual welding.

Furnace Welding: Furnace welding is a latest technology used in wedling process. The furnace welding machine used in our production is procured from German technology provider,  Mahler. After furnace welding , the products acquire excellent mechanical properties.

Pressure Test: After furnace welding all products are tested under 13.5 bar pressure. Only products passing through 100% leakproofing test continue to next stages of production.

Painting: Fully automatic painting line is used in our production for the achievement of the best product coatings. Special robotic spray guns used in the process result in paint cover which is durable to salt test more than 500 hours.

Chome Coating: Chrome plating line with copper nikel processes used in our production is suitable for processing of 10.000 pieces of Caloree Chrome Towel Driers per month. Centralized control system used in this process navigates water treatment and pure water supply processes that are in line with surface quality obtained in polishing process. All this processes result in aesthetically and visually superb products.

Packing: Passing quality control at each stage of production towel driers are packed after final control, visual inspection.